Alternative Scary Films for the Halloween Season 2014

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So last year I provided a list of 10 scary as heck films as an alternative for the typical films we watch every Halloween. Here's this year's version for the spooky season.

976-Evil... I came across this Wes Craven film on one of those late late nights... and it is still one of those movies I can't watch alone. In this flick, a dorky teenager who is continuously bullied by a hot guy and his annoying buddies; happens to come across a card to a supposed horoscope hotline, 976-Evil, which he starts calling nightly. Little does he know, that he is really calling the devil and selling his soul to him at the same time. This movie is very MTVish, but it's fun and scary.

House... I don't why, but I've always found Victorian houses mysterious. And the one in this horror flick is uber spooky. As the plot goes... a writer moves into a house after his aunt commits suicide there which is also the same house that his son went missing in some time before. After a lot of 'hell-no' investigations around the strange house, the writer soon discovers that it is possessed by demonic spirits and old friends.

Blood Diner... In this bunk horror-comedy flick, two mentally disturbed and cannibalistic brothers own a diner. In their down time they like to murder young women and diner patrons and have some weird obsession with some kind of ancient god, named Shetar. This movie makes absolutely no sense whatsoever, but I don't think that's what the director was going for anyway. But it's entertaining and something different for a late night Halloween get together.

Eden Lake... For some reason the Brits and Australians know how to make some messed up movies so I wasn't surprised that I found this British horror flick so disturbing. The plot revolves around an English couple who decide to spend a romantic weekend at Eden Lake. While camping out they run into a group of trouble making teenagers... and from there things just go bad pretty quickly. I don't want to give everything away with this one, so I'll just say the most messed up thing about this terrifying movie was its realism.

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Demonic Toys... Dolls in movies in general terrify me. So a movie about a warehouse full of killer toys (including evil looking baby dolls) is my worst nightmare. In this cheap eighties flick, two undercover detectives just happen to try to take down a couple of thugs in front of a toy warehouse. After one of the cops gets shot, the partner chases the baddies into this warehouse which for reasons not revealed yet, is demonically possessed. Along with the aid of a chicken delivery boy, the partner comes to realize that some of these toys, mainly a finger eating teddy bear, throat ripping jack in the box and an evil little baby doll are trying to kill them.

Spellbinder... So an L.A. attorney meets a beautiful mysterious woman that he rescues one night from an abusive boyfriend. After the two get together, Mr. Attorney eventually finds out that his mystery lady is trying to free herself from a crazy witch coven led by her ex-boyfriend. Yes, I know this plot sounds super cheesy and straight to DVD like, but the surprising twist at the end is worth looking past that. Trust me.

Girly... This super old British classic, also known as Mumsy, Nanny, Sonny and Girly in England; is about a strangely close English family living in a secluded manor. When they're bored the family likes to lure individuals to said manor and play different "games" with them. This movie is weird... and very English, but it's pretty disturbing so I suggest it if you like those grindhouse type of movies.

The Believers... If you have a horrible fear of spiders like I do then I'm really sorry I suggested this one. Here a police psychologist finds himself involved in the investigation of crimes revolving around child sacrifice and a mysterious cult religion. When the people around him start suffering and dying in unimaginable ways he realizes he doesn't know what he's dealing with. This is again another one of those realistic thrillers that's disturbing and messed up. I liked it.

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Munchies... In the eighties apparently there were a lot of little creature movies (e.g. Gremlins, Critters,) but I think few people have probably heard of this ridiculous flick about a group of perverted little trouble making creatures, called the munchies. I don't even remember the plot for this one, but it was amusing... at least when I was little.

When a Stranger Calls... We all know this urban legend. A babysitter watching two kiddos is terrorized by someone over the phone. The babysitter soon discovers that the stranger that's been harassing her has been upstairs the whole time. The clever thing about this one is that even though we already know what is going to happen you still feel like you don't. The film is eerie and frightening.

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