Alvin Fielder and Nameless Sound: A Profile on the 2012 "Resounding Vision Award" Winner

Out of all of Alvin Fielder's accomplishments -- co-founding the Association for the Advancement of Creative Musicians (AACM), contributing to free jazz and improv essentials, working for the Nixon Administration and running the family drug store -- winning Nameless Sound's "Resounding Vision Award" may be number one for the drummer.

In 2009, Fielder was playing a trio gig in New Orleans when he started feeling completely awful. Fielder, a pharmacist for 56 years in Starkville and Jackson, Mississippi, didn't know what was up so he visited the doctor.

The blood work came back and showed that the normally healthy Fielder was suffering from heart, kidney, blood and liver problems. He was immediately admitted to the hospital, where he spent most of the next ten months.

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