American History as Told by Drunk Americans

Let's face it. It's a short workweek and you're still nursing a tryptophan hangover. In celebration of the inevitable lack of productivity and procrastination that is the holidays, we present Drunk History.

The award-winning series of digital shorts, created by Derek Waters, features lessons in history, as told by highly intoxicated people. Professional actors then re-enact each scenario exactly as described, lip-syncing the dialogue (including profanity, hiccups, slurring, and puking) of the narrator into the retelling.

Hilarity ensues.

Click ahead for our favorite episodes (hic).

Drunk History Vol. 1: Alexander Hamilton (featuring Michael Cera) Apparently, Alexander Hamilton had a cell phone, which he used to call his family on the eve of his duel with Aaron Burr. Favorite Line: "I can't reconcile killing someone with my political beliefs, but I can't reconcile my political beliefs with NOT killing someone." Moral of the Story: "Fucking Aaron Burr's not on money. You know who is? Alexander Hamilton."

Drunk History Vol. 2: Benjamin Franklin (featuring Jack Black). Narrated by Eric Falconer, after eight vodka cranberries. We learn that Ben Franklin didn't really discover electricity with that kite. It was really his son, William. And William Franklin was a dick. Favorite Line: "William, you are my bastard son. Get a kite. Tie a string to it. Tie a key to the string. And fly it in a fucking lightning storm." Moral of the Story: Let your bastard son do your dirty work for you, and then take all the credit.

and later that evening...

Drunk History Vol. 2.5: Benjamin Franklin (featuring Jack Black, Jayma Mays). Narrator Eric Falconer drinks more vodka cranberries, tells another story. Ben Franklin's unsuccessful attempt at wooing a friend's girlfriend. Favorite Line: "Franklin liked to fuck." Moral of the Story: His friend may have gotten the girl, but Franklin changed the world.

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