An Adoption Success From a Walk on the Swanky Side for Dogs at Houston’s Hotels

One of the dog “models” used in the Houston Press photo shoot for the article, A Walk on the Swanky Side for Dogs at Houston’s Hotels, was a rescue dog from Cocker Spaniel Rescue of East Texas. As a result of the feature, his hard luck story came to an end and he now has a new forever home, thanks to one of the staff members at The Westin Houston, Memorial City.

He's only three years old, and we don’t know all of Knight Ryder’s story, but we do know some of it. CSRET board members saw his profile on the Corpus Christi Animal Shelter web page. Through the efforts of one of the volunteers in Corpus Christi and two volunteers here – Courtney Martin and Jennifer Sooy – Knight Ryder was transported to Houston. He was neutered in May and received the remainder of his shots; he already had received his rabies shot at the animal shelter.

This summer, he underwent heartworm treatment, and had to keep quiet during the months of June and July. When possible, the dogs in CSRET rescue are kept in foster homes, and board members soon realized that Knight Ryder was one of the best-behaved dogs they had ever seen, with a happy temperament and handsome looks.

So well-behaved, in fact, that when the Houston Press called for a dog model that would do well posing for photographs in swanky hotels, well, Knight Ryder was nominated “best of show.”

Slated to do his modeling at The Westin Houston, Memorial City, Knight Ryder had a fantastic time. He had his picture taken by Art Director Monica Fuentes in front of the building, on a luggage cart in the lobby, in the kitchen of a fancy suite, on a pretty white bedspread in that very same fancy suite, and relaxing on a lounge chair at the rooftop pool.

He created quite a stir that day, marching in and out of the elevators and being treated like a VIP. While she didn’t see Knight Ryder during the photo shoot, Westin’s catering sales manager, Ashley Allen, “saw his pictures, and learned he was up for adoption.” After that, she knew she had to have him.

Allen and Ryder, as he is now called, met and it was meant to be – he now has a forever home. “He has adjusted very well to his new home with me. I live by myself so we are definitely both keeping each other company,” says Allen. “I think on the first day after leaving his foster mom, Diane [Kelly], he was sad, but he has taken to me very well, and follows me around like a ‘puppy dog.’”

To view adoptable dogs at Cocker Spaniel Rescue of East Texas, visit cockerkids.org.

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