An Adventure with Jazz Pianist Bobby Lyle at Discovery Green

Get up and dance this week's Da Camera JAM at Discovery Green, part of the group's jazz appreciation Month concert series. Headliner and Houstonian Bobby Lyle won't mind. In fact, he wants audiences to react physically to his music. "At outdoor venues, you're a little more relaxed. You can get up and move when the band gets cooking," he tells us. "I see people get up and dance, they're out there shaking around. It's great.

"If you go back to the '40s and the '50s, the jazz audience was involved in a very physical way because they were going out to dance halls and dancing to big band jazz. It's only when jazz got into the small group mode that I think it began to intellectualize itself too much."

Thankfully, the influences of fusion and funk made jazz danceable again and saved it from becoming a purely intellectual exercise.

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Olivia Flores Alvarez