Animal Heroism Memorialized at Lawndale

Rachelle Vasquez's lovely exhibition of animal drawings closes this weekend at Lawndale Art Center. Some may have seen Vasquez's work before, she crochets witty animal scarves for Hello Lucky; they look like a dead fox or rabbit is wrapped around your neck - but in a silly rather than a gory way.

The artist's drawings in "Where Pigeons Dare" are tinged with a gentle humor but also quite poignant. Vasquez created delicate little pencil drawings of animals that were awarded the Dickin Medal, a British Medal of Honor for animals serving the military. The image information recounts astounding feats of heroism by the likes of pigeons, dogs and horses, each memorialized in a tender and slightly goofy line drawing. It's a winning combination of text and image.

(Through January 15. Lawndale Art Center, 4912 Main Street, 713-528-5858.)

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Kelly Klaasmeyer
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