Anjelah Johnson

Comedian Anjelah Johnson is going on tour this coming summer. Nothing unusual about that, right? Well, actually it won’t be Johnson onstage and she won’t be doing comedy; it’ll be her alter ego Bon Qui Qui, a hip-hop queen with attitude and style to spare, and she’ll be singing. “It’s the first time I’m going on the road as a music artist,” Johnson tells us. It sounds like the beginning of a new bit, right? Johnson tells us it’s legit. Bon Qui Qui, you see, has landed a record deal with Warner Music Nashville and she’s just released her first CD, Gold Plated Dreams. Tracks on the album include “I’m a Cut You,” “Oh No He Didn’t,” “No Boyfren” and Securrity.”
All of the songs (which are actually quite danceable) and the accompanying music videos (which are seriously funny) are based on Johnson’s comedy routines. “No Boyfren,” for example, grew out of her nail salon bit featuring a pushy nail technician with a strong Vietnamese accent who repeatedly asks Johnson why she doesn’t have a boyfriend. The nail tech promises Johnson that the right manicure is all she needs to rectify the situation. “Securrity” references the time Bon Qui Qui worked as a King Burger cashier and routinely called on security guards to dispatch problematic customers.
“It’s crazy, right?” Johnson, who projects an image as a pretty, if slightly unsophisticated, ghetto-glamorous street thug, when in her Bon Qui Qui character, laughs. “All of these talented musicians are working so hard to try and get a record deal, and Bon Qui Qui, who isn’t even a real person, gets signed to a contract.”
For her Houston show, expect Johnson, who has an enthusiastic Houston following, to discuss her husband (“He’s so funny, I have to stop myself from doing the whole hour on him”), the perils of fame (her most recent DVD, The Homecoming Show, premiered on Amazon at a deeply discounted price, never having even been offered at full price) and the genius of tacos (portable, versatile and easily converted into burritos or enchiladas).
Sat., March 14, 7 & 10 p.m., 2015
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