Apparently, Enough People Are Still Watching The Simpsons To Complain About It To The FCC

Even though Fox's The Simpsons is more than a decade removed from its former glory, it remains the anchor of the network's Sunday night "Animation Domination" programming block. And, according to Government Attic, it still receives its fair share of FCC complaints:

After a successful US freedom of information request, the website governmentattic.org has published a list of all 38 informal complaints the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) received about The Simpsons from 2010 to 2013.

While some complaints raise technical concerns about transmission problems and dubbing errors, or about the appropriateness of advertisements screened during commercial breaks, many reveal that viewers in the US still take a hard line on partial cartoon nudity and playground-level swearing.

A mere 38 in three years. And these are probably the same people who sided with then-First Lady Barbara Bush when she questioned Marge Simpson's parenting skills.

The entire list can be found here. If so inclined, I bet we could figure out the identity of the person who made an identically worded complaint, first from League City on 10/21/2010, and then from San Antonio on 12/27/2010. Or maybe they're just trying to throw the Feds off the [chem]trail.

Complaining about bare asses seems so ... 1994 (fun fact: Dennis Franz's butt has its own Twitter account). Pity the "he" mentioned in the complaint didn't keep watching, because in the final minutes of that episode, Rupert Murdoch himself came out and offered any offended viewers a chance to reprimand him.

Granted, that reprimand would be in the form of a spanking.

"A word?" Way to narrow it down. "Asshole?" "Analingus?" "Adam Levine?" "Anne Murray?"

I still have some of my old college notebooks, and the trailing off here reminds me of the notes from my 8:00 Cultural Anthropology class that I often attended on three hours of sleep, having stayed up all night trying unsuccessfully to outdrink the guys who huffed gasoline in my dorm.

As I'm sure has been pointed out elsewhere, the whale blowing up thing actually happened. The Simpsons routinely spoofs real life events, and it's a testament to the overall cluelessness of the viewing public that there aren't more complaints like another listed in the Government Attic file (about the sinking of the U.S.S. Indianapolis), whether about the insensitive treatment given to the Hindenburg disaster, the assassinations of Abraham Lincoln and John F. Kennedy, or the legacy of the Flying Hellfish.

One recurring theme to these complaints is the ironically Helen Lovejoy-esque "think of the *children*" comments. Thing is, they have that little rating thingamabob that pops up in the corner of the screen to help you out. Some episodes are TV-G, sure, but many more are TV-PG. This requires you to - wait for it - show some Guidance as a Parental unit.

I must admit, the thought of Moe enjoying coitus uninterruptus. With Katy Perry is pretty offensive. I hope he at least took off his Farah slacks.

Okay, that has to be a joke. The only 1980s show that could give Small Wonder a run for its money in the creepiness department was The Golden Girls.

And you can go ahead and dismiss this complaint. I've taken krav maga, and you learn on Day 1 how to kick someone in the nuts. It really is the cornerstone of the whole system.

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