April Kickstarter Round-Up: Let's Build a Freakin' TARDIS!

Once a month we'll be bringing you a look at some of the local Kickstarter campaigns in order to let you know what's getting ready to be unleashed through the help of small investors.

Chesstache: Chess is fun and easy to learn. In fact, if you want to look über-smart figuring out how to decimate an amateur opponent, it takes about, oh, five minutes of practice. Online chess is fine, but it's never going to live up to a good physical game. Unfortunately, carrying around a board is a pain in the ass.

Laura Landry & Spencer Anastasio have solved that with Chesstache. It's a simple roll-up canvas board that also houses a tube of circular game pieces, meaning it's also perfect for a game of checkers. Each one is handmade, fits in an average-size purse and is durable enough to take pretty much anywhere. It's pretty steep. You have to drop $50 before you end up with a full version of the printed product, but can you put a price on intellectual hipster cred from carrying your own board everywhere like a brainy gunslinger?

Goal: $22,170 by April 24

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Help build a TARDIS for photo shoots and cosplay events: I hate to fanboy about this, but I want a TARDIS from Doctor Who, and I'm more than happy to settle for just a replica. That's what Lanny Lee Kibbey, a magician and propmaker, is trying to put together for some cosplay and photoshoot events. Why should you bother to help pay for another man's prop? Easy.

For only $1, you're free to come by and take pictures with the TARDIS upon its completion, which is a fair deal by anyone's measure. At $25 he'll send you the blueprints as well so you can build your own, plus free tickets to his magic show. The best part, though, is that for only, $150 Kibbey will drive out to wherever you want, leave the TARDIS for up to six hours for whatever you want to do with it, and come pick it up again. Get married in front of one, shoot scenes for a fan film, set up the world's most awesome lemonade stand for the day, the possibilities are endless.

Goal: $600 by April 27

And now, as seems to be my lot in this column lately, let's see what kind of freakin' lunatics our city is harboring. This is Jeff Wong, and he wants to make a film about how music is magic. Not like make-you-feel-good magic, either, but Harry Potter magic. Wong, in a video that is not making me particularly want to invest in his filmmaking skills, talks about being chosen for a special purpose and how he learned to light up a key chain with his mind as a child.

Now he wants to travel the world and meet Steve Vai, Carlos Santana, Deepak Chopra and Joel Osteen to make a "docu-film" about how religious rituals tie in with modern rock music. It's all tied into Wong's band Guitar Clone Odyssey, currently sitting at an impressive 83 likes on Facebook. Basically, Wong wants you to pay him to go to some concerts, talk spiritualism with a few famous folks and promote his instrumental fusion band in the process.

What makes it insane, though, is the fact that he wants $650,000 to do it! A man that as far as I can tell has never made a single cinematic piece of work wants the same amount of money for which Romero shot Dawn of the Dead. For $10 you get a download of the film plus MP3s of all the Guitar Clone Odyssey "hits." Big-money backers at the $10,000 level get a private screening, dinner and a free tarot reading...Something the Internet will do for free.

Goal: $650,000 by May 25

Is Funding Your Album on Kickstarter Insulting and Wrong? We don't know, but anything that leads to Video Game High School is okay in our book.

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