Are You a South Park Authori-tah?

Geeks Who Drink, the national pub quiz phenomenon, is taking a special quiz across the nation. "Screw Your Quiz, I'm Going Home," a South Park-themed quiz, lands in Houston on Thursday November 11th at the Maple Leaf Pub.

If there's one thing GWD's 20-to-30 year-old demographic knows, it's South Park. Whether you're a casual watcher or a die-hard fanatic, it's time to put your knowledge to the test.

Every week, GWD hosts over 75 quizzes for thousands of people. At every quiz, teams of up to six answer eight rounds of questions (with eight questions each round). At the end of the night, the winners typically get their bar tab covered to a certain extent. But for the Houston South Park night, there will be a cash prize.

If you've never had the pleasure of meeting a geek who drinks, they can often be fanatic, ravenous (and occasionally drunk). Of course, it's been a while since the stigma of "geek" was transformed into a self-fulfilling badge of honor. Movie buffs, music snobs, whatever--any category of geekdom has its cool clique.

But whatever you do, don't confuse Geeks Who Drink with the dreary computerized trivia at your local wings joint. Matt Angell, operations manager at the GWD HQ, says Geeks Who Drink "differentiates from all forms of hackneyed and regurgitated trivia. Geeks Who Drink is a completely interactive event, engaging from start to finish. It's something you will clear your schedule for," he says. "It's a way for socially awkward individuals to have some drinks and flex their cranial muscles. It builds a sort of extended dysfunctional family."

Ladies and gentlemen, you have one week to prepare and re-watch your South Park DVDs (if anyone asks, you're in training). Whether you're a tried-and-true quiz veteran or a noob, you'll have fun, and you might even (probably) make some new friends (rivals). Entry cost is $5 dollars per player.

Past themed quizzes include Seinfeld, Lost, and The Simpsons.

Whether or not you make it out to the South Park quiz, you can play Geeks Who Drink weekly at Little Woodrows, Maple Leaf Pub, and Taps House of Beer--check the schedule for quiz times. (Weekly quizzes are free.)

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.