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Are You Ready For Ulysses S. Grant: All Star Gigolo?

Today sees the release of Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, the film version Seth Grahame-Smith's popular 2010 novel of the same name. Duh. The vampire flick is getting plenty of buzz of course with our country's fascination with blood-drinkers and the 16th President Of The United States. It's all a match made in pop-culture heaven.

Of course there have been plenty of spoofs in the same vein, including some you can find here. I hope that Gerald Ford: Cyborg Ruster gets a good script one day.

Local comedy collective and video geniuses The Straight Guys have added their own twist to the presidents-as-things-that-you-never-thought-about-them-being genre with a mock trailer for Ulysses S. Grant: All Star Gigolo.

Starring director Joseph Graham, the parody teases the hidden life of Grant as an undercover killer of latently gay Ku Klux Klan members. To be clear, he kills them while having anal sex with them. So everyone wins?

You can watch the video here and also give it a vote of approval on this site. I highly recommend all of the Straight Guys clips, including this one about Will Smith. The Will Smith.

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Craig Hlavaty
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