Arnold Schwarzenegger Is Writing His Autobiography: What Do We Want to Know?

This week, former Calleeforneeah governor and action star Arnold Schwarzenegger took to his official Facebook page to ask fans what should be included in his autobiography, which is still in gestation. As a lifelong fan of all things Arnold, from his movies, his early work legitimatizing the bodybuilding scene, and his strangely captivating political career, there are so many things I want him to cover.

The book, tentatively titled Total Recall: My Unbelievably True Life Story still doesn't have a release date, and Schwarzenegger is still developing ideas, but it's sure to be a must-read, with the 64-year-old's life still making headlines. Just last year news of Arnie fathering a child with one of his household employees shattered his public image. We always assumed he was sort of sleazy but this pushed it over the edge.

Now that the man is out of office, he is finally booking more acting gigs, though at his age he should probably look into fewer action roles and more comedic parts. Face it, he was awesome in Kindergarten Cop, and he still got to play with guns.

As Arnold Fan Numero Uno around here, I came up with ten things I want out of his memoir. I already know all his bodybuilding tips anyway (kisses biceps).

Who was your daddy and what did he do?

Why did you think starring as Mr. Freeze in Batman And Robin was a good idea, and did the producers let you write your own puns?

In the movie Twins, did you really drive that car on two wheels, or did you need a stunt driver? I tried to do it once in high school and lost my license.

If they ever figure out how to make a Terminator 4, and forget that Terminator Salvation happened, would you be open to coaching a girl's softball team in the movie? It would be pretty funny I bet.

How many times did you save California from falling into the ocean single-handedly during your time as governor?

At the end of Terminator 2: Judgment Day, did it hurt when they lowered you into that vat of molten steel? Also, did it hurt to get shot so much?

If you could use the golden ticket from Last Action Hero to enter into any movie...I'm the only person who has seen Last Action Hero since 1993, huh?

Were you really pregnant in the movie Junior, or was that just movie magic?

In Pumping Iron you were shown smoking pot at a party. For being such a big guy, did you have to smoke a lot to get high?

Seriously, a housekeeper?

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Craig Hlavaty
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