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Arnold Schwarzenegger's Book Has a Trailer for Some Reason

Arnold Schwarzenegger's new upcoming memoir, Total Recall: My Unbelievably True Life Story, has a trailer that was just released on his official site and YouTube.

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Trailers for books -- like those used for movies -- are not uncommon these days, with some of the action even played out like with moving pictures and stuff for people who don't like using their brains to imagine things.

Isn't that cheating somehow?

The trailer for Total Recall, which will no doubt be the more entertaining Total Recall of 2012 (hiiii-ohhhhh), looks like a commercial for a really involved Schwarzenegger episode of Biography more than an inches-thick autobiography.

Hopefully he will answer such questions as the identity of his father and what it was that did, and tell us how many times he saved California from falling into the ocean single-handedly during his time as governor.

I always wanted to know if he was really pregnant for that movie Junior myself.

The Schwarzenegger tell-all hits store shelves on October 12. Here's hoping Arnie goes on a whirlwind book tour behind the release.

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Craig Hlavaty
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