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Art and Beer: Bayou City Outdoors' Arts and Crafts Crawl Hits Gallery Row

When you think art galleries, does an image of fancy-pants folk, sipping wine and using words like "post-modernism" come to mind? If you have shied away from the gallery scene because it felt a little too stuffy for you, then perhaps this Thursday's Arts and Crafts Crawl, hosted by Bayou City Outdoors, will be more of your cup of tea. Or beer. Beginning at 6 p.m., Thursday, January 30, Bayou City Outdoors is hosting its first arts and craft beer gallery crawl along Gallery Row on Colquitt.

The concept may seem uncustomary -- fine art goes with wine -- but given the nature of Bayou City Outdoors and the continuous rise of craft beer interest in Houston, the partnership makes sense.

Bayou City Outdoors is a member-based outdoor activity group for singles and couples who want to get outside with like-minded people. It's known for its emphasis on local doings, some of its events include hiking Brazos Bend State Park or walking the Rice loop after dark. Every month, they hold a "meet and greet" open to all, which usually takes place at a bar or restaurant in town. But for the month of January, they wanted to do something different.

Dina Attar who works with the organization says that a gallery crawl seemed like a great way to support the arts while staying heavy on the local flavor. But when she had trouble getting some of the Texas wine companies to come on board, she figured, duh, craft beer. This is Houston, after all. Featured during the crawl will be samples from local breweries, Karbach Brewing Co, Fort Bend Brewing Co, No Label Brewing Company, and Southern Star Brewing Company.

For the galleries involved, bringing in beer and a crowd that may not normally attend to fine art was a huge plus. Gallery Row often has open houses, but this may be the first event of its kind to mix all of the elements of good old-fashioned beer crawl. But of course there will be art, as well.

All of the galleries along the row will be featuring some of their favorite works as well as current exhibitions. The Nicole Longnecker Gallery currently has two artists showing - Abstract painter, Todd Williamson and former fashion photographer, Rick Guidotti. Guidotti is well-known for his photographs of human physical deformities as well as his focus on children with albinism. He recently spoke about his work during a TEDX in Phoenix.

Texas artists will also be in the mix. At PEVETO, the Dallas artist, Ricardo Paniagua Garcia III, "Hard Edge in Da Paint" exhibition will be on display. Houston-based artists Kelly Moran and Jesse Lott will be up for view at the d.m. allison.

Unlike your typical art gallery opening, when you are drinking brews, you are going to get hungry and grapes and cheese are not going to cut it. Have no fear; Good Dog food truck and Phamily Bites will be on hand to curb your cravings for real food.

Additionally, local musician and songwriter, Jimmy Pizzitola, will be playing some tunes at the Nicole Longnecker Gallery The crawl kicks off at 6 p.m. at the Nicole Longnecker Gallery at 2625 Colquitt Street and continues down the road. Other galleries participating include Peveto: A Fine Art Resource Management Company, Catherine Couturier Gallery, Dean Day Gallery, Thornwood Gallery, Parkerson Gallery, Laura Rathe Fine Art, and d.m. allison art. The evening will conclude at 8 p.m. with an after-party at the d.m. allison. This is a free event. For more information visit

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Abby Koenig
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