Art Car Creators on Parade: Randy Blair W/Video

The 2013 Art Car Parade starts this Saturday, May 11 at 1 p.m. In this week's cover story "Enjoying the Ride" with story and photos by Chris Curry, we decided to highlight some of this year's entrants. Throughout this week, we'll run posts with video to give you a closer look at these dedicated artists.

Randy Blair drives his "A Little Bit of Nonsense" all the time, not just in the Art Car parade. His 2007 Toyota Yaris is a magnet for all sorts of objects hanging on to it.

For instance, the Katy man has a Hot Wheels Mini Cooper glued on top of two busts of Superman, which in turn is glued to an Imperial Stormtrooper helmet from Star Wars."

The punchline: "You get a mini-cooper, double, super trooper."

"At the first art car parade I was at, I met an artist named Bob Wink and that year his car was an alligator and he passed out little alligators," said Blair. "He gave me this one that first year," he said as he held up a little, plastic alligator. "It's been on my car ever since. It has a spot here on the back that's pretty special to me."

This year's parade route starts on Allen Parkway and Waugh, travels eastbound, curves around The Heritage Society on Bagby Street, then comes up the other side and makes its way to Shepherd Drive.

Other Art Car video highlights: Jill Johnson

Bob Wink

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