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Art Guys Accuse Super Size Me! Director of Plagiarism

Yesterday, the blog Unbeige reported that Jack Massing and Michael Galbreth (The Art Guys) are convinced that filmmaker Morgan Spurlock plagiarized the Houston art duo's 1990s performance art project SUITS: The Clothes Make the Man for his new film The Greatest Movie Ever Sold, in which Spurlock donned a black business suit emblazoned with corporate logos.

The Greatest Movie Ever Sold is a tongue-in-cheek documentary about product placement that examines the same advertising-culture issues the Art Guys raised in the '90s for their internationally recognized project.

The Art Guys told Unbeige, "in our opinion, there is no doubt that Spurlock has plagiarized our idea," and that they "find it unbelievable that this is just a coincidence."

Spurlock responded to the accusation on Twitter, replying to Unbeige: "It's preposterous. I never even heard of these guys until today, and all of their claims are baseless."

The Art Guys feel that their SUITS project received enough attention that it would've shown up on Spurlock's radar, and that the director blatantly copied. They told Unbeige: "Regardless, we think it's nasty business. The Art Guys have made work about media and marketing in many different ways over the years. It's one of the major themes that we deal with. We've even done work covering the topic of appropriation. But at least we've given it all serious thought and given credit where credit is due."

The story is making the rounds and we'll report back with developments.

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