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Art Review: "Just Press Print"

Print Houston 2011 continues at Anya Tish Gallery. Tish has pulled together some pretty innovative artists for her show, but the standout is Turkish artist Ardan Özmenoglu.

Özmenoglu has created a marvelous installation in the gallery using multicolored Post-It Notes. Densely clustered on one 12-foot wall, the Post-Its are overlaid like scales or feathers. Each one is printed with patterns and designs from Istanbul's Blue Mosque, and the effect is stunning. Plus, in our 100-degree weather, the air conditioner keeps them constantly fluttering.

Özmenoglu has even used Post-Its as the surface for a screen-print portrait of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, the founder and first president of the secular Turkish republic whose image has been ubiquitous in the country. It is titled after Atatürk's famed imperative: "Remember me!" But in Özmenoglu's work, Atatürk's image is fragmented and the Post-Its curl like peeling paint.

Through July 2. 4411 Montrose, 713-524-2299.

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Kelly Klaasmeyer
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