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Art Rocks This Friday at House of Blues

There seems to be a bit of confusion on the Internet and ticket vending websites over exactly what is taking place at the House of Blues on Friday night.

If you're a fan of a band called The Dirty Colors out of Minneapolis, we're sorry to inform you that they will not be playing in Houston this weekend (or anywhere, from the looks of their MySpace page). The Dirty Colors billed for March 25 is actually an art show, the first installment of what promoter/artist Tony Guerrero (a.k.a. TKNY) hopes will become a monthly marriage of music and art in the "Dirty South" at the downtown music venue.

It's safe to say that Guerrero, once a member of the now-defunct metal/hardcore band Eyeagainst, has more experience on the local music circuit than in the art world, but the artist sees parallels between the two. "Whether you're playing a gig or showing your art, the goal is to create a certain kind of energy," he says, adding, "I chose the venue because it has an edgier feel, and that's tone we're looking for with this show."

"Dirty Colors" will feature artwork by local artists Skeez, Color One, TKNY, Cecelia Johnson, Dae 1, Big Mike, Tra Slaughter, Sonya Garcia, Paty Lennon, and Gian Palacios-Swiatkowsk and music by DJ FREDster and local favorite Ceeplus Bad Knives from 9pm - 2am in the Bronze Peacock Room, Friday, March 25, at the House of Blues.

Tickets can be purchased for $5 at the House of Blues box office or online through Live Nation or Ticketmaster.

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Lauren Marmaduke
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