Artopia: Find the Dog in Street Art at Our Party

Under cover of night, Houston's anonymous street artists have been toiling away in secret at Winter Street Studios, building the most amazing collaborative mural of street art Houston will have ever seen. If you're a fan of Cutthroat, Shreddi, Ack!, 2:12 or any of Houston's other street artists, you want to be sure to make it to our 2012 Artopia and MasterMinds awards ceremony, Saturday, January 28, at 8 p.m at Winter Street. Why? Because this mural will be destroyed once the party's over. You'll only have one chance to see it.

Until then, you can take a sneak peek at our slideshow of detail shots of the Artopia mural. See if you can guess the artist behind each slide.

You'll also have a chance to help us play a little game, thanks to stencil artist Coolidge, who has hidden one of his signature Boston terriers somewhere in the massive building of artists' studios. Find the dog, take a picture and tweet it with the hash tags #HPArtopia and #SpotTheDog and you'll be entered to win an awesome Artopia prize.

Artopia features more than 20 visual artists, tasting menus from several local restaurants, fashion shows, performance art and performances by Folk Family Revival, Young Mammals, Dj Dave Wrangler and more. The Press will also be honoring our three MasterMinds awards winners. You wouldn't want to miss out on all that, now would you?

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