A.V. Club Pop Pilgrims: Show Houston Some Love

The Onion AV Club, in their latest of online adventures, has taken to the road, in a product-placed Fiat 500, to hunt for pop culture across the U.S of A. If there is a city that has some notable history, be it film, music, literature or television, the AV Club is headed that way to shine their nerdier-than-thou light on some of culture's most distinguishable landmarks.

While their list is diverse, film and television float to the top. In San Fran, they hit up Jimmy Stewart's apartment from Vertigo, where he brought a wet and mentally unstable Kim Novak to dry off. They visited the United Methodist Church of The Graduate fame, where one of the greatest moments in movie history took place: Dustin Hoffman banging on the second story glass window screaming, "Elaine! Elaine!"

The AV Club hasn't limited itself to film, though. In Memphis they took in Sun Studio, home to Elvis, Johnny and Jerry Lee. They ventured up the Pacific West Coast to visit the infamous bench where Kurt Cobain tragically ended it all.

Wait now, a web-show visiting cultural landmarks and they haven't visited Houston? No, but they sure have traveled the heck out of Austin. Yes indeed, our domineering neighbors to the northwest have landed three different webisodes on the AV Club's list of the best; the set of Friday Night Lights, The Texas Chain Saw Massacre and the worst place to hold a job, the office building from Office Space. Certainly these backdrops warrant exhibit, but how about giving H-Town some love?

There are a plethora of movies filmed in Houston for the AV Club to exploit. How about Robert Altman's bizarre Brewster McCloud, which was shot on location at the Astrodome? The film showcases Houston from the '70s, much of which doesn't exist anymore, such as the old AstroWorld, as well as various intersections of Main Street now dominated by the light rail. Or what about the unforgettable Apollo 13, where the cast traveled to the Johnson Space Center to fly one of the center's reduced gravity air-crafts to replicate weightlessness in space?

There are a myriad of other pop accomplishments that have come out of the Energy City. The Club could swing over to Grant Street and stop in on Anderson Fair, one of the oldest folk music venues in the country that helped launch the careers of Lyle Lovett and Lucinda Williams. They could walk the aisle of the White Dove Wedding Chapel at 727 Pinemont where Anna Nicole Smith wheeled her future husband, J. Howard Marshall, into holy matrimony. Or they could head over to 1400 Smith Street to see if there are any remnants of one of the biggest bubble burstings in history, the Enron scandal. While they are here, why not visit the grave of the man who invented pop culture, Howard Hughes?

We know, there are so many other pop-tastic reasons to visit Houston. Go to the AV Club website and tell them yours! Seriously, log on and tell them.

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Abby Koenig
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