There was an old woman named Millie Mart, She baked a tart in the shape of a heart. When it was finished, all the kids said "That good old Millie Mart."

Bad Poetry Day 2011: Help Us Write Houston's Worst Poem

This was my seven-year-old self's idea of what good poetry was. I mean, it rhymed, and it involved food in the pie family. What else would anyone ever want to write poems about?

Of course, as we grow up, our tastes evolve, and we come to realize that our childhood scrawl was really just scrawl, not the artistic genius we thought it was at the time.


Next week, on August 18, we celebrate National Bad Poetry day, a day in which our inner anti-Dickinsons and anti-Eliots and anti-Wordsworths are actually encouraged to show off their work. Of course, the day is meant to be just a day of fun for all, both literary and non-literary types; it would be tragicomic to see someone present their work in earnest.

We at Art Attack have a way for you to get in on the fun. The day before (August 17), we'll post a single, original line to start our bad poem. Then, we turn it over to you in the comments section. The first commenter writes the next line in the poem, the second commenter writes the third line, and so on and so on until we have our poem. We'll post the finished product on August 18.

We hope you'll join us in celebrating (and creating) some of the worst poetry ever.

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