Bad Poetry Day Round Robin: Your First Line, Courtesy of Local Poet Rich Levy

Bad Poetry Day is almost here, and, as promised, here is the first line of bad poetry in what we hope will be an annual tradition, producing tomes of bad poems and encouraging hosts of bad poets for generations to come.

The first to comment writes the next line of poetry; the next commenter writes the third, and so on, and so on until we feel like we finally have a solidly horrible poem. Misspellings, grammatical mistakes and using words you think mean one thing but actually mean something else are encouraged, but we need you to mine your creative guts to come up with something truly bad.

Much thanks to local poet/Inprint Executive Director Rich Levy, who provided the first line of the poem. "I think it affords opportunities to get some especially bad lines in there," Levy told us after giving us the line. "What does the bird see? How does it feel?"

Your first line is

Once upon a time, a bird flew to the top of a tree

Show us what you got, Houston.

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