Bad Robot Has a New Mystery Promo That Isn't About Star Wars

If there is one thing that the guys at Bad Robot - the minds behind Lost, the rebooted Star Trek Universe, and others - are good at it's putting together trailers and promos. While the final product doesn't always live up to the hype (yeah, I'm talking about you Super 8/Star Trek Into Darkness), they do a great job of getting your expectations up, if nothing else.

Back in 2007, the teaser trailer for Cloverfield that ran before Transformers was something special. It barely gave out any information about the flick - not even a title - while giving just enough of a taste to get the Internet all worked up. Debates would rage on up until the release of the movie about what the monster really was, with speculation running the spectrum from Voltron to Godzilla and anything giant in between. It was an exciting time.

So why does the release of their newest mysterious promo feel so uninteresting?

My guess is that between 2007 and now the game has changed. We've actually swung as far away from the famed J.J. Abrams "mystery box" as we can go. The internet movie junkie of 2013 doesn't want mystery- he or she wants information. Information is the new fix. Websites and bloggers build brands on being able to get a scoop before it gets released through the proper channels.

It's why so much of the Internet is upset about the lack of Star Wars VII news to come out over the last few months. People paid good money to go to Comic-Con and D23 to get a look at the new adventures in a galaxy far, far away only to get little to nothing from the House of Mouse and Bad Robot.

That said, I think we can safely say this new video has nothing to do with Star Wars. It probably doesn't have anything to do with Cloverfield 2, which is probably never coming out. Some people have suggested that it ties in to The Twilight Zone, but I'm hoping not because I don't care how cool this trailer looks that franchise deserves better.

It's also probably not for another Crow sequel, although the person in the water does look an awful lot like the guy.

It could be for a movie or show called "Soon" or "Stranger." I mean, those are awful names for a show/movie/miniseries/motion comic/online only release, but I suppose it's a possibility.

Check out the video for yourself and let us know in the comments: are you buying what Bad Robot is selling?

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