Ballsy Bikers

Dang that Ricky Carmichael. Apparently the Suzuki motocross rider missed the memo that he was supposed to wait until this weekend to clinch the THQ World Supercross Grand Prix championship. Instead, he accumulated enough points to take the title during the April 16 race in Seattle. Fortunately, the THQ American Motocross Association Supercross -- which hits Reliant Stadium this weekend -- features other tasty subplots for motocross fans. Take 250cc-class Kawasaki rider James Stewart, who finished first in Seattle by bumping Yamaha's Chad Reed off the first turn -- and out of the race. "I'm not scared of any of these guys, and in the first turn, I'm not moving over for anyone," Stewart snarled after the race. (Ooooh, tough guy.) Maybe scores will be settled in Houston? Most Supercross fans secretly admit they prefer the unpredictability of the 125cc class, which boasts a crop of guys who ride as if they learned their moves by watching Jackass. They're fearless. Take Kawasaki's Ivan Tedesco, who proved he's a biker with, um, balls. He caught air, crashed, smashed the family jewels and burned his leg during his heat race in Seattle -- and then battled his way back to win the 2005 West Regional 125 Supercross crown. Guess he missed the memo, too. 7 p.m. Saturday, April 30, Reliant Stadium, One Reliant Park. For tickets, call 713-629-3700 or visit $10 to $40. -- Greg Barr

Hands-on Entertainment

Hey, Harris County-Houston Sports Authority: Don't waste your time trying to woo the Super Bowl and All-Star Game back -- there's already a prestigious, well-known sporting event making a return trip to Humidity City. It's the USA Team Handball National Championships! The sport that traces its origins back to ancient Greece and Rome is an Olympic event that combines soccer and basketball and requires more hand-eye coordination than a three-day Doom marathon. Men's and women's teams from around the country will compete for titles and bragging rights. Oh, and if you think we're the only dorks who want to get our hands on this sport, catch this: Team handball is played in more than 140 nations, with 20 million players participating overall. Tournament runs Friday, April 29, through Sunday, May 1, at the George R. Brown Convention Center, 1001 Avenida de las Americas. For tickets and a game schedule, visit $2 to $4.95. -- Bob Ruggiero

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