Banksy Digs Alt Weeklies, We Dig Banksy and Street Art

Banksy is unquestionably the most famous street artist in the world. It's not even close. Thanks to a combination of talent, mystery, and marketing, he's become the face of street art, even if no one knows what his actual face looks like.

Up in New York, Banksy is hitting the streets for a month of new work that goes by the name of "Better Out Than In." It's pretty exciting to follow, even thousands of miles away, as every day people hit the city and social media in hopes of finding the new pieces. People have to move quick because just as fast as the pieces go up and get discovered they get defaced.

While all of this is going on, our sister paper The Village Voice managed to score an exclusive interview with Banksy, conducted through the magic of email. Why The Village Voice? Because he "feels an affinity with people who provide quality content for free on street corners."

Sounds just like us here at the Houston Press!

Closer to home, we've talked about street art numerous times. In addition to reviewing Banksy's epic documentary Exit Through The Gift Shop, we've looked at the following:

-We introduced you to Coolidge, Houston's answer to Banksy.

-We spent the day with Os Gêmeos, the twin Brazilian duo known worldwide for their art and who collaborated with Banksy on this week's Village Voice cover.

-We looked at Stick 'Em Up!, a Houston-centric documentary about street art.

-We've covered a whole ton of street art events.

Make sure to head on over to The Village Voice to check out their round up of all the goings on around Banksy and read their exclusive interview with the man. And keep your eyes on the streets- you never know what great art you'll discover.

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