Bare Bones Production

Okay, so there's probably a more fitting month — say, October, perhaps — for such a delightfully morbid show. But we're guessing you'll get past the timing and step to the time in Bobbindoctrin Puppet Theatre's last installment of their Danse Macabre series, Danse Macabre Part III: The Dance of the Dead. The local puppet troupe teams up with the Two Star Symphony in an ode to Camille Saint-Saens's Danse Macabre poem. Through their one-of-a-kind puppetry, Bobbindoctrin leads viewers into a graveyard where a poor schlub has been buried alive — on the same night when the dead rise to dance out the tragedy of their former lives. The story moves from grave to grave, as each of the dead and their last memories are introduced. (Dude clearly picked the wrong day to be buried alive.) All this haunting action is accented by a chilling score courtesy of Two Star Symphony.
Fridays, Saturdays, 8 p.m.; Mon., March 20, 8 p.m. Starts: March 17. Continues through March 25
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Steven Devadanam
Contact: Steven Devadanam