Battleship and 5 Other Games We Want to Get Movie Deals

Let's face it friends and enemies, when Hollywood is pulling its ideas from its game shelf then we are in some serious trouble. Yes, Clue is an awesome movie, and the fact that there is apparently never going to be a special edition with commentary, featurettes, or even the trailer is a complete and utter travesty. That being said, board games are not usually the stuff of gripping narrative.

Next summer, director Peter Berg (Friday Night Lights, Hancock) will bring us Battleship. Details on the film are very sketchy, but our guess is that the film will basically be a naval war movie that is simply trying to capitalize on a name we all know to bring in some extra viewers and maybe seem kid-safe in the bargain. It's basically the same tactic romantic comedies use by naming the film after a well-known and completely unrelated pop song. We're looking at you, Addicted to Love.

What we are willing to bet every book in our house, though, is that we will not see a true Battleship film, which would basically be the story of two completely blind navies firing at each other at random. Something like Zatoichi meets Tora! Tora! Tora!.

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