Beauty 2.0, Makeup in Your Pocket but Less Messy

It should come as no surprise that fashion brands have adopted the mobile format en masse. An industry built on aspiration and impulse buys wants nothing more than to dwell in your pocket so the "buy me" message never goes interrupted.

Not only has the fashion industry jumped on the mobile bandwagon, but so has the beauty world. BeautyNow, a soon to be launched mobile optimized website for last minute beauty appointments, is attempting to bridge the gap between the customer and the salon. Think Blink by Groupon or, as founder Kathleen Jennings calls it, OpenTable for beauty appointments. The Houston based company is set to launch in the Houston and Dallas markets in Spring 2014, but hopes to help maintain the beauty regimens of busy woman everywhere.

"Every woman I know is so busy, and our schedules are constantly in flux because of children and work commitments," says Jennings, a born makeup lover known most for painting her dogs' nails as a child. "BeautyNow lets you find a beauty appointment that fits in with your schedule, instead of having to schedule your day around an appointment."

Now I would not call myself a beauty fanatic or even an obsessive. The time and energy needed is too much for me. I would go au natural everyday if it fit into my event heavy lifestyle. But, I AM addicted to new tech, my smartphone and life hacks. Once it dawned on me that there are great beauty apps and websites like BeautyNow available for busy women, I took a second look at the whole idea. My phone is my e-BFF, so if it can play nice with the beauty world then maybe I can too.

Since I am a self described and consistently confirmed beauty novice, I turned to a few experts to help me along. The ladies of The Houston Beauty Guide, Kristi Corwin and Brittany Mack, came to my rescue with a host of apps for beauty lovers and the reluctant observer.

Behold an expert (them) approved and beginner (me) reviewed list of the best beauty apps and websites out there that play nice with your phone or tablet. Trusper - Where beauty products, tips, tricks and suggestions can be shared with family, friends and the whole community. Did I mention you earn rewards for being an active user...yes please!

Pretty in My Pocket (PRIMP) - Another interactive shopping experience app that offers reviews and comparisons of items scanned with your phone. PRIMP also highlights deals and promotions straight from the beauty companies.

My Skin - Step #1, take the skin assessment. Step #2, create a skin profile based on your your skin conditions, lifestyle, diet and skin concerns. Step #3, receive customized recommendations from over 160,000 products. Step #4, life gets a little bit better.

Beauty Mark - I dream of the perfect red lipstick, but fear Bozo syndrome. Beauty Mark gives you step by step instructions on makeup looks and you can adjust for skin tones and eye color. It even categorizes various looks by event or mood (i.e. natural, dramatic, bridal, glam)

Good Guide - Ever wonder what's in your mascara or makeup remover? All you need do is scan your product's barcode with your phone and a list magically appears to scare you to death. The app offers alternative options with price comparisons so making better choices is easier.

Beautylish - A full on online magazine that supplies reviews and updates from the most popular brands, as well as, editorial style images for inspiration. Behind the scenes info on your favorite products and the "How It's Made" section demystifies the tools of the trade.

OPI - We've all been there standing before the wall of colors in the nail shop while the nail tech is impatiently waiting for our decision. I'm breaking into a sweat thinking of it. With the OPI app, test colors before you go and avoid the stress.

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