Beauty and the Beat: The Knock Out Brings Brooklyn Aesthetic to Houston Fashion

The '80s were undoubtedly an uncertain time in fashion; a terrible mix between the tail end of ABBA-esque disco pants and the beginnings of Nirvana's dirty grunge uniform. It was a bipolar fiasco filled with poly-blend prints, and thanks to all our hipster friends, we have seen a bit of a revival. Anisette Davis, a new up-and-coming designer in Houston, says that her '80s revival will not be a reminder of our embarrassing elementary school photos, but will brighten and enlighten our moods.

The Knock Out Co. is the new line of urban wear developed by Davis, who daylights as a full-time biology major at University of Houston Downtown. "A knockout is a really attractive woman; someone who has a lot of style and who you see walk by and can't help but to say, 'Wow, she's a knockout,'" she says.

This particular knockout is half Panamanian, half Dominican and grew up in Brooklyn. Her collection of street-style graphic T-shirts are on high volume demand, and she credits the success of the line to her siblings, who taught her the joys and beats of Run-D.M.C. and Salt-n-Pepa, the two main influences in her graphics and designs. The combination of those musical inspirations and the street culture of Brooklyn results in the bright color blocking of her designs that stand out from the barrage of "reds, blacks, and whites" Davis sees in the Houston fashion aesthetic (but, as you can see below, she still has those colors available if you're a creature of habit).

Knock Out's range of neon graphics and hip hop allure has caught the attention of college women around Houston, but Anisette believes in keeping her demographics at a full range, from children to parents, and from XXS to XXXL. At no time does profanity grace the silkscreened gems, and Davis intends to keep it that way.

She wants her clothing line to be "a role model for children and keep the moms who-don't-want-to-dress-like-moms relevant in fashion." This entrepreneur has a lot on her turntable, and we all know how it's tricky to rock a rhyme, but Anisette Davis seems to be rocking it right on time.

To order Knock Out, visit their website, Facebook or email knockout2k11@gmail.com

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