Best and Worst Flags for Flag Day

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Happy Flag Day! June 14 officially marks the country's celebration of the good old red, white and blue. On that day in 1777, the country adopted the flag, in a slightly altered form to what we now know, as a sign of our independence.

In 1916 President Woodrow Wilson declared the day a holiday. Although few states celebrate it with days off of work, like a real holiday, it is still a day to remember all that you learned in first grade about Betsy Ross and the creation of the flag.

While flag day is a celebration of the national flag, we here in Texas take a lot of pride in our state flag. Drive through any neighborhood and you are sure to see the Lone Star's red, white and blue flowing in the wind. Not to sound pompous, but we have a pretty smart-looking flag. It is striking without being too showy. Not that out flag is the end-all, though. There are some seriously badass flags out there, and then there are some very lame flags.

Bad-ass Flags Australian Capital Territory (ACT)

The Australian Capital Territory's (ACT) flag is crazy-looking. Are those swans holding up the ACT coat of armor? The formation of the stars must hold some significance, but if you squint your eyes they could also be Orion's Belt.


This is the flag of Swaziland, a country near the coast of South Africa. This flag is violent and forewarning. It almost seems to say, "Try us. We will throw our spears at you."


Did you have any idea that this was Greenland's flag, and that it was so Bauhaus-looking?


Dominica is not the Dominican Republic but rather an island nation in the Lesser Antilles region of the Caribbean Sea. This flag is amazing. Without the parrot, it's a fairly plain-looking flag. With the parrot, though, it brings to mind swashbuckling and the high seas, which I imagine is all that goes on in Dominica.


Nepal's flag is the only national flag on the planet to not fit the standard quadrilateral form. You tell 'em, Nepal. Lame Flags Lesotho

What is going on in Lesotho's flag? What is that thing? If you guessed that it was a black mokorotlo, you would be correct.

Christmas Island

How are you not going to have Santa on your flag?


Boring. Next.


We all know Argentina is a sunny, wonderful paradise. Do they really need to rub it in with their flag?

St. Pierre & Miquelon

St. Pierre & Miquelon is a self-governing territory of France, located in the northwestern Atlantic Ocean. Their flag reminds me of a "before" shot on an episode of Wear This, Not That or Tim Gunn's Guide to Style. "There's just way too much going on here!" Pick a theme and go with it.

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