Best Comics in April: Parenting Vader-Style and Garth Ennis's Shadow

Once a month the amazing staff at 8th Dimension Comics selects a pile of the best new releases for us to peruse and judge.

Justice League #8

I was initially unimpressed with the rebooted Justice League as it was basically a showcase on why almost every other member is a tool except for Batman. Picking it up over half a year later, the team is still kind of a whiny bitchfest, but appears to have become an actual effective fighting force. The latest storyline involves the attempts by Green Arrow to seek membership by basically stalking the team and getting involved in their fights. It's merely the centerpiece in a growing plotline that has an increasingly suspicious U.S. government wanting more control over what is essentially a vigilante group with enough power to wipe a country off the map. It's always fun watching comic books show what politics would be like in a world of supermen.

Rating: 6 of 10

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