Best Comics in March Part 2: Jem and the Freakin' Holograms

Every month the staff at 8th Dimension Comics helps us select the best comics that come out. Check out Part 1.

Star Wars #3 I finally got a chance to catch up with the new Star Wars series being done at Marvel by Jason Aaron, and I haven't loved an expanded universe story so much since Shadows of the Empire.

The book takes place shortly after the Battle of Yavin, with the rebels starting to press their advantage. The normal gang is all here, but Luke is still a very novice Jedi with only a fraction of his eventual skills. He, Leia and Han go on a mission to destroy a huge weapons factory where everything promptly goes wrong.

Darth Vader is the true star of the book, being an unstoppable force that singlehandedly takes out an Imperial walker and commands his troops with an iron fist. He's terrifying to watch in action, and really gives a feel for how one-sided the war truly was. It's hard in a prequel to make you feel afraid for your hero because you know for a fact he or she makes it, but the danger to Skywalker isn't physical. It's how much of a toll fighting this bloody conflict will take on him.

Rating: 7 of 10

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