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Best Comics in November: Joker and Witch Doctor Return!

Once a month the amazing staff at 8th Dimension Comics selects a pile of the best new releases for us to peruse and judge.

Hawkeye #4

What did we learn from the Petraeus scandal? I'd say it was that there is no information system in the world that cannot be hacked. Well, the same realization has come upon the Marvel universe, which is why the world's super-terrorists are going analogue in order to courier information. One of the most sought after pieces in transit right now is a videotape of Hawkeye committing an assassination on behalf of the Avengers and the United States.

Yes, in the modern world the Avengers have a wetworks. The story is both gripping and absurd, as it shows with total baldness exactly what the politics and day to day existence of having legitimate super teams would be in real life. There's epic skills, sure, but there is also gross incompetence, bureaucracy, and most of all headaches because the days when Captain America punching Hitler solved everything are long gone.

Rating: 8 of 10

Witch Doctor: Mal Practice #1

God, it's been a year without a new Witch Doctor comic, and I thought that it would never come back. It did, though, and the new series is better than ever. Everything starts with the same old occult physicians Vincent Morrow using a combination of medicine and magic to treat curses and possessions. Now it's him in danger, though, as a vampiric parasite has infected his blood with a death sentence on the orders of a new mysterious antagonist. It's still the best damn comic on the market now, and make sure you pick it up before it's gone again.

Rating: 9 of 10

All New X-Men #2

The world of the mutants continues to devolve and grow ever more continuous as Scott Summers becomes the mutant equivalent of Che Guevara... the bad bits. A dying Henry McCoy goes back in time for one last desperate chance.

He wants to recruit the original X-Men to show them what they have become in the future in hopes the young Scott and talk the old Scott out of this madness. Suddenly, everyone is dealing with the death of innocence and facing a world born of bad mistakes. The premise is a little hokey, but it's jarring to realize just how much the Marvel universe has changed, especially for our superhero stand-ins for repressed minorities, in just the last decade. Despite the cheap idea, it's executed masterfully.

Rating: 7 of 10

Death of the Family

The last time Joker was seen in the new DC Universe someone had removed his face. Now he's back with the skin tied back on, and he is literally more terrifying and compelling than anything has ever been. In his time away, Joker has apparently found religion... albeit of his own kind. He has come to see Batman as the godking of Gotham, with himself as faithful jester and servant.

Crime, muses Joker, is the soul of Gotham. It is necessary for its very existence. Fear of Batman, the worship of him as mammon by the underworld powers the city's heart. Now that Batman has gone global, and is surrounded by his family of fellow Bat-crimefighters, Joker is worried that their connections and need will lessen the abilities of his king. He fears for him, and so sets out to prove the truth of his theory by capturing the Dark Knight and eliminate the threat by attacking the Bat Family.

Be sure to pick up Batman #14 for the most important parts, but Batgirl is also a real win with Joker cutting off Barbara Gordon's mother's ring finger and using the ring to ask Batgirl to marry him.

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Rating: 8 of 10

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic #1

In this week's kid comic selection I tried once again to understand the whole My Little Pony thing... I don't get it. I really don't understand why this is funny or even particularly adorable. Nonetheless, IDW does lay out a simple little adventure where zombies are bested by a chewing gum cannon. That's something. Otherwise I am still clueless about the enduring popularity of this pop culture juggernaut.

Rating: 5 of 10

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