Best of Houston® 2019: Best Comic Book Store

Put a smile on your face and head out to Bedrock City Comic Company.
Put a smile on your face and head out to Bedrock City Comic Company.
Photo by Mike Steenbergen

Best Comic Book Store: Bedrock City Comic Company

What's not to love about Bedrock City Comic Company? Venture through the door into this graphic novel universe multiverse where good triumphs over evil, everybody's got a super power, and nobody will laugh at you for wearing your Green Lantern light-up ring in public. We love how Bedrock City pulls out all the bells and whistles for special events like Free Comic Book Day and Halloween Comic Fest; they must have every pro cosplayer, comic creator and the School of Rock band on speed dial, not to mention Wonder Woman's Jeep and the Batmobile.

From guest appearances and book signings by illustrators and writers to awesome sales on merch, T-shirts, games and toys, Bedrock City is our go-to place for buying and collecting fun stuff. The good news is they've got locations all over town, and just recently took over WatchTower Comic's location, which means there's a Bedrock City near you: Clear Lake, 1960, Sugar Land, west Houston and Washington Avenue.

So our trophy for 2019's Best Comic Book Store in all the land goes to Bedrock City Comic Company. Yabba dabba doo!

Bedrock City Comic Company

4683 FM 1960 West, Houston

Clear Lake
102 West Bay Area Boulevard, Webster

12303 Westheimer, Houston

Sugar Land
4831 Highway 6, Missouri City

4602 Washington Avenue, Houston

6516 Westheimer, Houston

Readers' Choice: Bedrock City Comic Company

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