Just one example of what you might find at Bedrock City Comic Company: Cosplayers from Houston Hero Headquarters.
Just one example of what you might find at Bedrock City Comic Company: Cosplayers from Houston Hero Headquarters.
Photo by Mike Steenbergen

Best Of Houston® 2020: Best Comic Book Store

Best Comic Book Store: Bedrock City Comic Company

Did you know that Houston is home to six time and teleportation machines masquerading as comic book stores? Yes, we’re talking about the six Bedrock City Comic Company locations. Walk through the doors of any of them and be ready to be transported to Gotham, Themyscira, The Dreaming, Hell – you name it, you can probably find it on the shelves of Bedrock City.

Despite the full selection of comics, toys, clothes, posters, and much more – and plenty of sales to boot – shopping is but one offering at Bedrock City. Houstonians can always count on Bedrock City to host the best celebrations for special days like Free Comic Book Day and Local Comic Shop Day, and launch parties in honor of the hottest releases, so you can geek out with likeminded fans until the book drops. And, of course, there’s a parade of authors and illustrators traveling through Bedrock City all year long. This year alone, Bedrock City welcomed The Goon creator, Eric Powell; New York Times bestselling author, Danielle Paige; and 30-plus-year comic industry veteran Mark Nelson; along with artists like Gabriel Picolo, Lee Bermejo and David Marquez.

Bedrock City also has local synergy covered, with co-hosting duties and partnerships with other awesome businesses like Alamo Drafthouse, No Label Brewing Co. and Super Happy Incredible Toys bringing even more opportunities for geeky fun. If that’s not enough, you can find the occasional podcast, book club, and trivia night, too. So, if you haven’t been out to a Bedrock City yet, we have to ask – what are you waiting for?

Multiple Locations

Readers' Choice:
Bedrock City Comic Company

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