Best of Houston

Best of Houston: The 10 Best Houston Documentaries

Houston is one of the most unique cities in the country, certainly the most diverse. This naturally leads to having a bunch of people and places with stories waiting to be told in documentary film. In order to celebrate the folks that just made their Kickstarter goal in order to fund a film about Numbers, today we give thanks to some of the other great docs that have preceded it.

10. Houston Ship Channel: Deep Water Centennial I'm a public works nerd. Did you ever wonder who is up watching the history of concrete on the History Channel? That's me, and if it's you too you'll love this. The Texas Foundation for the Arts put together an hour-long documentary on the Houston Ship Channel to celebrate the 100th anniversary of its opening. It's a fairly basic account, but the importance of the Ship Channel is often overlooked on a national scale and it's nice to see someone making its story more accessible. Plus, it's completely free online as well.

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