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Best of Houston: Top 10 Houston Scream Queens

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9. Denise Williamson Williamson is a local girl with a very hefty scream queen pedigree. She was in Spirit Camp, Killer School Girls From Outer Space and appeared on Macabre Theatre, among other roles. The one you really need to check out is last year's Bigfoot horror flick Exists, directed by The Blair Witch Project's Eduardo Sanchez. Williamson absolutely kills as Elizabeth, one of the four young people who go hunting for the legendary cryptid in East Texas and end up getting more than they bargained for.

8. Shannon Elizabeth Another mainstream Houston actress who deserves nods for her contributions to horror is Shannon Elizabeth. One of her very first roles was in the cult classic Jack Frost, in which she is killed by the murderous mutant snowman while taking a bath. From there she appeared prominently in Thirteen Ghosts and then went from victim to maniac when she played the iconic Angela Franklin in the 2009 remake of Night of the Demons.

7. Kirby Bliss Blanton Hailing from The Woodlands, Blanton got her start on Disney shows such as Hannah Montana, of all things. Once she grew up a bit, she went on to make some really underrated but fantastic horror films. She's in Eli Roth's frustratingly still unreleased cannibal film The Green Inferno, which if the clips are anything to go by will be a doozy when it finally sees release. Even better, she paired with scream queen Angela Bettis in 2007's Scar, a terrifying bit of 3D torture porn.

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