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Best of Houston: Top 10 Houston Scream Queens

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6. Keefer Barlow Barlow won critical acclaim for starring in Joe Grisaffi's film Conjoined, which featured her as the evil half of a set of conjoined twins. Unable to curb her insane violence, she draws her sister and her new boyfriend into an increasingly deadly string of murders. She also had a part in Pick-Axe Murders Part III: The Final Chapter, but one of her best scream-queen outings is actually playing herself in the short Stalking Miss Barlow. There she gets to show off her surprisingly funny side, which you rarely see in her more frightening characters.

5. Michelle Ellen Jones Barlow's Conjoined co-star, Michelle Ellen Jones, went from good girl to bad in one of the highlights of last year's horror season, Jeremy Sumrall's Pick-Axe Murders. There she combined a powerful mix of sex and sadism to star in one of the greatest opening scenes in a horror movie in the past decade. Her résumé is branching out as her career takes off, but she's set to feature in the upcoming film Fun With Hackley: Axe Murderer, which follows a serial killer going through a mid-life crisis and having to deal with his boss at a murder corporation.

4. Julin Another local heavyweight with all the right credentials is Julin, who sometimes goes by Julin Jean. She's another Spirit Camp alumna who also appeared in Sweatshop as Miko. She had a big part in the After Dark Horrorfest-selected film The Final, where her mean-girl attitude gets her gruesomely tortured. Her best outing is as the star of Cherry Bomb, in which Julin plays a stripper who goes on a revenge spree after being sexually assaulted by a group of men.

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