Best Social Media for Poking Fun at Ridiculous Fashion

Most people who work in fashion take it very seriously. Being that it is a multi-billion dollar industry employing hundred of thousands of people, they should be to work on time, but let us not get too crazy. I myself am a faithful cog in the well oiled machine, but I make fun of the fashion world all the time - see here and here and I am not alone.

The medium of choice for some of my cohorts is, no surprise, social media. Tumblr, Twitter and Instagram are hotbeds of fashion hilarity and I have created a list of my faves.

You Did Not Eat That Created by a fashion veteran - she wants to stay anonymous for her job - in response to those annoying Instagram bait posts featuring super skinny people holding incredibly fatty foods.

Not Burlington Coat Factory Best retailer parody account and the most loving dedication to coats on social.

A Fashion Blogger Disturbing and hilarious.

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Real Men Swear Another menswear blog, but with wonderful comments added for your enjoyment.

Shoe Kitten Kittens + Shoes = Awesome

Pokemon Fashion Even Pokemon loves a good fashion image.

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