Betz Gallery Presents "The Art of Pride"

Stepping into the the Betz Gallery these days is like stepping into a secret world of jazz, open spaces, muted lights and colliding colors. Every single painting is its own kaleidoscopic conversation piece. Red and purple heart sculptures lie next to each other like lovers. Sea algae and sinking ship abstracts reflect dark blue and bright white faces. Even gallery owner Lori Betz's own abstract paintings used every color in the wheel.

"I think color evokes emotion," gallery owner Lori Betz says.

Looking at the works is, interestingly enough, like looking at a rainbow, which is appropriate considering the current exhibit, "The Art of Pride," is meant to coincide with the month-long Pride Houston events, which will culminate in a festival parade on Saturday. The exhibit, which closes Saturday, features seven of Houston's most talented LGBT artists, including Christopher Bachers, Michael Huff, Aike Jamal, Randall W. Jobe, Johnathan Lopez, Duane Nowell and MaxXandauX and simultaneously benefits the Houston AIDS society.

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Performance artist MaxZandau premieres his "Untitled Propj Series," a photograph of a woman's face streaked by psychedelic colors. Meanwhile, Bachers' "Music From My Head," an acrylic-on-canvas, is an interpretation of brightly colored jazz instruments.

Jobe's pen-and-ink on paper "Temptation" series showcases four sultry women in different stages of dress (or undress) and holding out red, yellow and green apples, Eve-style, to gazers. "To tempt is to live once," reads a quotation painted on one of the drawings. "I took the risk with ease."

Through June 25. 1208 West Gray. For information, call 713-576-6954 or visit www.betzgallery.com

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