Big-Name Designers Say They Flock to Houston Because of Our Art Scene, Unique Style & the Weather Is Good

New York City and Los Angeles are the understood hubs of American fashion. Being that Houston is way below the Mason Dixon Line and on the wrong side of the Rocky Mountains, you would think we are not on the radar of those en vogue, but I would have to disagree.

Once high end designers finish up shows in the major fashion capitals, Houston is consistently on their list of target markets for trunk shows and presentations. Big name designers like Monique Lhuillier, Manolo Blahnik, and Tom Ford host shows at our national stores like Neiman Marcus and Nordstroms, and local stores like Atrium and TOOTSIE'S. Just recently, Uptown Park specialty retailer Elizabeth Anthony opened its doors to teams from international fashion house Escada and American designer Pamella Roland.

In addition to those personal appearances, top talent line up to show at Fashion Houston for a direct line to our fashion elite. The annual fashion event expanded to four nights to accommodate more names.

So what is it about Houston that makes these designers come from near and far to get on our good side? Well, let's hear it straight from the designers themselves. It boils down to weather, Houston women, and our love of the arts.

"Houston women like to dress. Maybe it is the Southern thing, but they love to dress in bold colors and prints. The nice weather is always a plus."

- Pamella Roland, President and Creative Director, Pamella Roland

"The Houston woman is international. She has honed her style from a life filled with important business commitments, charity obligations, and worldly travel. She is truly the 'every woman,' with an appetite for fashion to match. Houston is unlike any other city in the world. The vibrant social atmosphere and melting pot of cultures create a city DNA all of its own."

- Rebecca Evans, Account Executive, Escada

"Houston is a unique dichotomy of old world glamour and modern internationalism. The Houston woman epitomizes 'exquisite grandeur. Walking through museums is like my walk through the woods. I've seen museums around the world & The Menil Collection is a standout. I visit every time I'm here."

- Zac Posen, Lead Designer, Zac Posen

"... not afraid of fashion. And that's fun for me as a designer because so often those crazy, fun pieces that designers love to do are not the ones you sell a lot of. And in Texas you're always guaranteed to find homes for those pieces." - Wes Gordon, Lead Designer, Wes Gordon Collection (via BizJournals at Fashion Houston 2013)

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Cherise Luter
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