Bill O'Reilly Clears the Couch on The View

Even Jay Leno weighed in on yesterday's episode of The View: "Everyone is talking about getting the Palestinians and Israelis to sit down for peace talks. We can't even get the ladies of The View to sit down and talk to Bill O'Reilly."   The popular, outspoken conservative put the ladies on the defensive within minutes of sitting down, mocking Whoopi Goldberg's stoic stance: "Look at you. Sitting there like (imitates Goldberg). Like how did THIS happen," to which Goldberg replied, "Bill, it's not you, I just have a case of gas." And O'Reilly lashed out at Joy Behar with "Listen and you'll learn."   PART ONE: Whoopi and Joy walk off set.

Things took a turn for the worst minutes later when the conservative host of Fox News's The O'Reilly Factor was discussing the failure of President Obama to connect with the American people, citing a CNN opinion poll that 70% of Americans were against the building of the mosque at ground zero because it was Muslims who were behind the 9/11 attacks. All of the co-hosts instantly lobbed back that Islam and those who practice the religion are entirely different from the extremists behind the attacks. The unintelligible arguing that followed came to a head with Goldberg exclaiming "That is such BULLSHIT!" and walking off the set with Behar, leaving a wide-eyed Barbara Walters to make sense of the noticeably emptier couch on her set.    PART TWO: O'Reilly calls Whoopi & Babs "Patriots," leaving the remaining three "pinheads" to sit and stew on the sofa   Walters scolded her absent colleagues saying, "What you've just seen here should NEVER happen. We should be able to sit and discuss [difficult topics] without wiping our hands and walking away," but she made her own views known before breaking for commercial, telling O'Reilly, "When we come back we're going to discuss your new book, Pinheads and Patriots, and at this point it's very hard to see which you are." O'Reilly offered a half-hearted apology and Whoopi and Joy returned to the couch but the tension never dissipated, and he proceeded to piss off the remaining half of the panel when he told Walters and Goldberg that of the hosts they were "patriots", thus insinuating Joy, Sherry, and Elizabeth were "pinheads" by omission.

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