Black Friday Starts Now

You're already late if you're planning on getting a jump start on Black Friday. Houstonians are already lining up in front of the most popular stores with their tents, coolers and ATM cards. Mild weather and the chance for significant savings means lines will likely be especially long at Best Buys, Targets and Wal-Marts.

Milagros Lockward and her family have been standing in front of the Greenspoint Area Best Buy since early this afternoon; it's an annual event for her and her family. "We want to take advantage of the sales because everything is really expensive, especially with the times now," she tells Hair Balls. "Things are on sale for a really good price, but they only have so many of each thing, so if you come later in the day, you won't find it."

Lockward, who's 16-years-old, spent two and a half days in front of another Best Buy last year along with several other members of her family. The effort, according to her, paid off. "Last we bought a lot of computers; we bought laptops for $198. We got 14 of those. Everyone wanted a computer so we got one for everybody." Laptops and televisions top the Lockwards' wish list this year. "We're going to spend a lot, like $500 or $600 each but for that we should get at least one computer and one television each," she says.

And what about Thanksgiving dinner? Won't Lockward miss eating turkey and all the fixings? "Um, I think my mom's going to bring us some food."

See who's in line in front of the Lockward family after the jump ...

Here's the person in 2nd place ...

And here's the person who's first in line ...

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