Blunt and Profane Art Commentary at DiverseWorks' Flickerlounge

Art of Painting 3

, by Lily Sparks, is a four-minute, 30-second video styled as a Bob Ross-eque painting show - which makes hostess/instructor Sparks' blunt and profane commentary on art all that more entertaining. Part of this edition of Diversworks' flickerlounge screening room, co-presented by Aurora Picture show, Sparks sets out to make the "most found painting on Ebay" based on the site's three most popular painting search terms - "nude," "sleeping angel" and "Thomas Kinkade." What we get is Kinkade as a naked sleeping angel. Along the way, she explains that Michelangelo didn't paint the Sistine chapel out of inspiration, but because, "He had to pay his fucking rent." It's a pretty funny piece.

In Frog Jesus, Ben Peters' short, dark and comic video, a guy tells about crucifying a frog to give the frogs a "Jesus," thereby saving them; it sounds like a true childhood story. The third video on view, John Herschend's Embrace of the Irrational, is an 18-minute time commitment with less of a payoff. It begins promisingly as an educational film gone ridiculously awry, but drags on a little longer than it should.

(Through February 26. Diverseworks Art Space, 1117 E. Freeway, 713-223-8346.)

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