Body of Royalty Cosmetics: Affordable Luxury in Lipstick Tube

Gluten-free lipstick? Yeah, it's a thing, and Body of Royalty co-founders Jermelle Pitts (Creative Director, CEO) and Joseph Chargois (President, CEO) believe that their brand of luxury cosmetics will cater to a niche market of women who want affordable, high-quality products that are compatible with a gluten-free lifestyle. (Of course, you can eat all the gluten you want and still shop the brand.)

"Our products are about empowering women, and providing them with luxury products," said the Body of Royalty co-founders. "We have three components: Be Confident, Be Provocative, Be Royalty."

Although the cosmetics are manufactured in New York, the company's home offices are based in Houston. With a line of 12 lipsticks (and a lip balm) already available to consumers, Body of Royalty will be launching lip gloss in early October 2013.

Pitts and Chargois, who created the line in 2011, are delivering an affordable luxury to fashion-forward women who want to stretch their dollars without sacrificing quality. Their lipsticks "are highly pigmented, which means the color lasts longer." A tube of lipstick retails for $14.99 in their online store (currently, Body of Royalty is available only through their website); their Vitamin E-infused lip balm is $10.99.

Both Joseph Chargois and Jermelle Pitts have Houston roots: Chargois has a degree in Management and Marketing from the University of Houston, while Pitts received his degree in Social Work from Texas Southern University. They started Body of Royalty completely on their own, without help from investors or outside funding of any kind. "We have always been our own resource for the company," they explained. "We are constantly proving ourselves in this business, and overcoming obstacles, but we love it; we are always down for a challenge! It's been a dream come true to accomplish what we have thus far; we have made two television appearances, and were featured in five national magazines and two international magazines in a three-month span."

The current Body of Royalty line-up includes 12 lipsticks ("Adore Me" is a beautiful coral pink, a great transitional look for summer-to-fall; "Jet Setter" is a classic, cool-toned red; "Scandal" is a pitch-perfect winter burgundy), but Pitts and Chargois are looking to expand their line. Of their upcoming line of glosses, they predict amazing results "without the stickiness of other lip glosses on the market." And a new product is in development--no spoilers, it's a surprise--that they promise customers will love. "Follow us on Twitter and Instagram, and like us on Facebook, to stay on top of our exclusives. We are looking to expand into retail stores soon, but for now you can order our products through the website!"

Pitts and Chargois are building Body of Royalty one step at a time, and say that longevity was always a key aspect of their business plan. "We wanted something classic, which we strived for from the colors [of the lipsticks] to our packaging." Good publicity helps, and Body of Royalty has benefited from the visibility that goes along with celebrity. R&B singer Toni Braxton was spotted wearing "Last Kiss" in a recent magazine. Brooke Bailey, reality star from Basketball Wives LA, loves "Majesty" and she has been spotted wearing it all over Los Angeles; and '90s television icon Tia Mowry also wears Body of Royalty lipstick. Her make-up artist recently tweeted out a picture of [Mowry] wearing "Fairytale."

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