Book 'Em, Arian: Texans Foster Guests On Upcoming Episode Of Hawaii Five-O

While he was in Hawaii a few weeks back playing the 2013 Pro Bowl, Houston Texans running back and Twitter philosopher Arian Foster found time to shoot a few scenes for an upcoming Hawaii Five-O episode that centers around a murder on the island.

Foster, in his acting debut, plays himself. Other guests on this episode include that dude from Train, Pat Monahan, and Larry Manetti from Magnum P.I. fame.

Too bad they couldn't snag J.J. Watt to play some sort of bounty hunter, or have Matt Schaub play a tree.

The episode with Foster airs this coming Monday night on CBS. Did you know that they even remade the Hawaii Five-O series? Weird, huh? I have seen it a few times and everyone was sweaty.

Here is hoping that more Texans follow Foster onto the small screen. Maybe Watt can get his own reality show about being a badass motherfucker who loves children and animals. Frankly, defensive coordinator Wade Phillips would be gold for The Soup, like Duck Dynasty.

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