Boots for Fall 2011 Five Ways: New Trends and Contemporary Classics

So what if temperatures are still brushing up against triple-digits? It's time to go shopping for new boots for fall. It may not seem like it now, but eventually we will put our sandals away. Right? Right?

Looks from the Fall 2011/Winter 2012 runway ranged from cute to confusing, but the bottom line was whether your style is classic or contemporary, there is a fashionable boot for you to rock this season.

One more thing -- and we are just going to put this out there -- UGGs are ugly. Do not wear them. The continued manufacturing and wearing of these monstrosities will never cease to amaze us; it doesn't even snow here! Skip these shapeless, fleece-lined sheepskin foot-pillows and invest in something sleek and stylish.

Riding Boots

It is a little silly to call riding boots a "trend" because they are always in fashion, season after season. Keep an eye on the length of the shaft -- that's the measurement of the height of the boot that covers your leg; 16 inches should fit a petite gal without swallowing up your knee, but proportions vary. You also want to pay attention to the height at which the calf "starts," and the circumference of the shaft, depending on how you want to wear the boot: tucked into pants, over tights, etc.

This Enzo Angiolini "Saylem" Riding Boot, available at Nordstrom for an incredible $149.95, incorporates another hot trend in boots from the 2011/12 runways: buckles.

Wedge and/or Platform Heels

Platforms and wedges aren't just for espadrilles! Boots with wedge heels are everywhere -- great news for those who want comfort. No need to succumb to the UGG when you can slip into something as comfy as it is stylish.

We love this Marc by Marc Jacobs Shearling-lined wedge ankle boot. Jacob triple-trends us with this boot, which incorporates a wedge heel and platform with a Shearling lining and a double-buckle strap.

Material, girls! Suede & Patent Leather

Texture and shine (or matte, as the case may be) were played up on all the runways through the use of suede and patent leather. Isabel Marant made a splash with suede on the fall runways. Her slouchy suede boots in muted colors grabbed the eye, using mountains of fringe to add movement. The above-the-knee styles are best suited to those of us with a bit of height, but Marant has made these boots loose and slouchy through the shaft so short gals have some options to play with.

It's all about sleek and sexy when it comes to patent leather boots for fall. Where suede says "relaxed streetwear," patent leather says, "I've got somewhere to be -- like, now." We love the thigh-high, lace-up patent boots in black that went down the Alexander McQueen fall 2011 runway, which leads us to our next trend ...


Whatever it is about intricate lacing--whether it brings corseting to mind, or maybe the allusion to dominatrix-wear -- some of the sexiest boots on the runway had laces up to there. You don't have to wear thigh-high, or even knee-high, boots to get the look. In fact, you can wear a very dressed-down version of a lace-up boot but still look polished. We love this ankle boot by Timberland, called the "Chauncey Fold-Down," which comes in wheat or dark brown for a very affordable $145. (photo: Timberland.com)

Color Blocking

Color blocking is "in" from head to toe. If you are not completely comfortable putting together a colorful outfit using the blocking technique -- and it can be tricky to get the hues and proportions right for your body -- a pre-color blocked "for your convenience" accessory is the perfect way to incorporate this trend into your wardrobe. Viktor & Rolf's patent leather color block boots were seen in a variety of heights, but we love the knee-high version the best. They dovetail in a widow's peak shape under the knee, which is very enlongating.

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