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Borgias: Michelotto Has a Posse

Throughout The Borgias, the long-running conflict has been between Pope Alexander VI and Cesare Borgia over the path Cesare's life should take. Since he was made a bishop at the age of only 15, it's clear that his father wants him to be a master of church politics and intrigue rather than a soldier. The role of a warrior was bequeathed to Cesare's meat-headed brother Juan, now thankfully absent from the show in exile and disgrace for murdering the common-born father of his niece.

Cesare has always chaffed at his position in the church, and over the course of the series he has proven again and again to basically be a 16th century version of Batman... if Batman finished off his bat-business with stab wounds. He even has his own Boy Wonder, Michelotto Corella, and it's him I want to gush about for the moment.

In the series, Michelotto was an assassin sent to murder the pope, but he switched his allegiance to Cesare after Cesare bested him with a sword. In real life the two had been friends from childhood, even going to the University of Pisa together. Regardless, Michelotto has two character traits that serve him well as the pet badass of someone who is already an unbeatable badass himself. One, he is a merciless, ruthless, efficient killer. Two, he is fanatically, almost touchingly devoted to Cesare. The result is a feared retainer that needs no one to wreak holy havoc at the behest of his employer.

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