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Borgias: Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God

Trust the cross-dressing Satanist when I tell you's a funny thing, sin is. The only way you ever know for sure what is a sin and what is not is to commit it and then see what kind of harvest you sow. Throw on high heels and strut your way into a girl's pants and you find out God has better things to be wrathful about. It doesn't mean that all the preaching is wrong, it just means that like with any logical hypothesis, testing is the only final judgment.

The intrigues that make up The Borgias have begun to thicken. Cardinal della Rovere continues to seek the death of Pope Alexander VI, this time using the power of populist friar Girolamo Savonarola. The ultimate plan is to poison the pope. Obviously della Rovere feels that the Pope's removal is the only way to restore the Church from what he considers its abasement. The fact that history tells us that della Rovere becomes Pope Julius II is probably just some kind of weird coincidence.

Greed...ambition. That's a sin, isn't it? According to the old list of seven.

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