BRAINS! Lawnmowers, Sensible Slacks BRAINS!

For the Halloween season, Sears has zombie-fied a part of their online store. Fashion, accessories, home appliances are all zombie-fied. You need a cool place to leave your leftover brains? They have deals on refrigerators for you.

Sears' helpful Blue Zombie Crew will not only help you decide which appliances are best for you, but they will also eat your brains, maybe gnaw on your face a bit. Looking for a new look, even while your body rots? Stop on by the apparel department with deals for all zombies, even for the plus-sized and big-and-tall. "Camel is a must this season" ... as are brains.

The site also has a link to the Twitter page for @zombieshopper, who's still looking for suggestions about which live human to be for Halloween. Come see the Zombie side of Sears!

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